PERSON-A (pronounced Persona or Person A) is a fashion brand based on deconstructed minimalism shrouded in a luxury veil. Established in 2023 and born from a cinematic vision, PERSON-A garments resonate with the authentic essence of elegance, while empowering with a desired look.


A persona (plural personae or personas) is a strategic mask of identity in public, the public image of one's personality, the social role that one adopts, or simply a fictional character. It is also considered "an intermediary between the individual and the institution”. But PERSON-A is a symbiosis between the real authentic self and the character you want to show to the world. Having the idea of duality in mind (black/white, masculine/feminine, yourself/your persona), the most important ingredient from PERSON-A’s DNA is to always connect the two of them. PERSON-A is about connection, about the journey of returning to self.


Relying on craftsmanship, impeccable fitting and exceptional fabrics, PERSON-A garments are designed in own workshop in Bucharest. Our mission is to produce limited items, which is why some garments may never come back in stock. The fabrics used for creating PERSON-A garments are on the highest industry standards and come from Italy, France, Greece and Spain.